JOYCLIMA COMPANY team-building activity in Chaoshan for three days and two nights


In the harvest season on October 19-21,2019, we meet the sunshine of autumn day, all the colleagues of Joyclima came to the most beautiful island in Guangdong for a three-day team-building and trip---Nan’ao Island and Chaozhou Ancient city which is known as the “intangible cultural heritage”in China.
On the first day, we were leaving a unforgettable and commemorative figure in the Nan’ao Island on the Tropic of Cancer marking tower, named as one of the most beautiful tower in the world that was erected under such a beautiful green surround. Indulge in the “Oriental Hawaii” in Qing'ao Bay,we had fun in the sunny beach , taking the wind with the spray and sailing to the sea.
On the second day, we went to the ancient city of Chaozhou in Song Dynasty, which was called Xiaozi Jingcheng. We searched for the ancient city wall built in the Ming Dynasty and the Guangji Gate Building where in the main portal of Chaozhou Fucheng. We seem to come back to the long distant past and release our heavy hearts from history. Remove all the dust and pressure from the world, and let the soul re-start!
On the third day, we entered the most important part of the Qilian Mountain in Chaozhou, the hometown of Chinese oolong tea一Zilian Mountain, away from the noisy of the city and the paradise of the world. Enjoy the natural oxygen bar among two mountains and water. Running on the high glass path, we both supporting and follow one by one!
The three-day pleasant trip made a deep impression by us, rather than the joy of visiting the beautiful scenery, the moving thing is that we get well along with each other like our families. During the trip, everyone laughs and take care intimately, and deepens understanding between the staffs through this trip. Making everyone distant more closer and relation more harmonious!



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