Buying an Air Purifier: Essential Features to seem for

If you're getting to spend money on an air purifier, it is sensible that you simply would take the time to match different models before making a choice. You would like to urge the foremost air quality improvement for your dollar, and you're not alone. That's why we put together this checklist of the highest features — to demystify the buying process so you'll choose the most suitable air purifier for your home.

What makes a good air purifier?
When it involves buying an air purifier, the goal is simple: to enhance the air quality of your home or office. However, wading through lists of technical specifications can make your choice seem far away from easy. to form the method more straightforward, identify the most reason that you simply want an air purifier. what's your top air quality concern — allergies, asthma triggers, wildfire smoke, or something else? the simplest air purifier will address your specific air quality issues while blending seamlessly into your space. Before you begin shopping around, we propose sitting down and determining the foremost important things that you simply want from your air purifier.

What are the highest air purifier features to consider?
How does one traverse the noise and choose what really matters in an air purifier? The solution depends on your preferences and objectives for these five factors:

1. sort of air filtration technology
Choosing the proper filtration technology is perhaps the foremost important part of buying an air purifier. Remember once you listed your specific air quality concerns? this is often where they are available to play. Differential types of filters can tackle differing types of indoor pollution. it's crucial to form sure that you simply are becoming one that will handle your specific needs.

2. Design and simple use
A lot of things fall under this umbrella, like aesthetics, portability, simple set-up, and Wi-Fi accessibility. Consider the space during which you'll place your air purifier. you would like to settle on a model that integrates into your lifestyle with minimal interruption. For you, which will mean matching your home decor. For others, it's going to mean having something that they will found out and ditch. Some inquiries to consider include:

3. background level
If an air purifier is just too loud, the probabilities of you using it regularly are slim to none. Whether you wish to relax in total silence or enjoy having noise playing within the background, checking an air purifier’s sound ratings can assist in giving you a far better idea of what to expect in terms of noise. The quietest air purifiers on the market will have a dB rating of 20-40 at rock bottom fan speed, while the loudest ones are going to be rated 50 to 70 dB and above.

4. Energy consumption
If you're not careful, your air purifier’s energy consumption can cause unpleasant surprises on your monthly electricity bill. to stay energy costs low, try trying to find units that use below 100 watts on their highest setting.

5. Cost of maintenance
During the lifetime of your air purifier, you'll get to replace the filter(s) regularly. Filter life can range from a couple of months to a year, counting on the pollutant levels in your home and therefore the sort of filtration technology within the unit. When considering the value of an air purifier, confirm to think about the typical yearly cost of filter replacements. 



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