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Guangzhou JOIN Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd has established by a group of experienced HVAC professionals in 2005. JOIN Technology has been specialized in research, development and production of high-end heat pumps and high-efficiency chillers, aiming continuously to improve the efficiency of HVAC products to reduce their energy consumption. With its own patented technology, JOIN Technology has built up a long-term strategic cooperation with EMERSON Company, well-known universities and scientific research institutions. Our products are favored by China domestic market and are mainly exported to Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Africa countries.


Company strength

Since its establishment, Guangzhou JOIN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been persistently improving its R&D strength, attaching importance to technological innovation and product research and development. It has obtained 8 relevant invention patents and 22 professional product certifications, and has won the Emerson Cup Outstanding Application Award. "Best Engineering Application Effect Award", won the "Guangzhou High-tech Enterprise", "Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Little Giant Enterprise" and other honorary titles. JOIN Technology has more than 10 years of experience in high-end OEM R&D and manufacturing of domestic and foreign customers. It has strong production, learning, research and transformation capabilities, and conducts technical exchanges, personnel training, research projects and cooperation with well-known universities such as Shanghai University of Technology and South China University of Technology. The company has established a long-term cooperative relationship, and the founder of the company is the former Hualing Air Conditioning Chief Engineer. The company was technology-based at the beginning of its creation and is trustworthy.

Quality assuare

Measurement, analysis and improvement
1. The company has established a customer satisfaction survey procedure to understand the product quality and service satisfaction and the overall impression of the company by issuing questionnaires, telephone surveys, customer visits and other methods.
2. Strengthen the control of unqualified products and unqualified raw materials in the production process, and the rework of the repairs shall be scrapped to prevent the occurrence of unqualified products.
All departments should effectively use the appropriate methods in the Data Analysis Control Procedures to conduct statistical analysis of customer satisfaction, product weight compliance, process characteristics and trends, product services, and develop various countermeasures to ensure the good operation of the quality system.

3. The company has established control procedures for corrective and preventive measures to eliminate the causes of nonconformities and the causes of potential nonconformities, and to prevent the recurrence and occurrence of nonconformities. For the unqualified system, all relevant departments carefully analyze, formulate effective and corrective and preventive measures and implement them carefully in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality system.

Quality Control Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram User: Guangzhou Joyclima Electronic & Technology Co.,Ltd

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Product advantage

The advantages of our products and other peers:
1. Our new air heat pump ventilation equipment has a heat pump system and compressor and has a patent for invention.
2. Air heat exchanger and heat pump system, two-stage heat recovery system; very energy-saving and environmentally friendly
3. Balanced ventilation, efficient and rapid treatment of indoor air, improve air quality;
4. DC silent fan (EC motor, stepless speed regulation, super mute)
5. Special high efficiency and low resistance PM2.5 special filter
6. Real-time monitoring of the home environment
7. The indoor CO2 concentration of the closed doors and windows is 1200ppm-1700ppm, and the installation of the new crystal is 500ppm-600ppm (air fresh, smooth breathing)
8. Remove indoor PM2.5 to reach 99.2%.
9. Our company has invention patent for new air heat pump
10. Our new air heat pump uses plate heat exchanger to control temperature difference and reduce pollution sources.

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