Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any switch or jumper on the main control board that must be set to enable modbus communication on pins B1 and B2?

we didn't pre-set this kind of swith or jumper on the main control which enable modbus communication on pins B1 and B2.

Does the fresh air controller need to connect to other lines besides the power cord?

In addition to the power cord, there are two sets of 4-core shielded wires, which are connected to the test box and the touch screen respectively.

can you accept customized needs?

we can do OEM sevice for customers. The specifc needs can be negotiated.

How long does the fresh air main engine connection hose have to be connected, does it have an influence on the air volume?

It is generally recommended that the two pipes be 20-50cm, but try to reduce the hose discount, because the inner wall of the hose is not smooth, and the second is that the hose is easy to wrinkle when it is long, which will increase the wind resistance inside the pipe and affect the overall air volume. . Exceeding 1 meter will affect more than 5% of the total air volume.

Is the heat exchanger core used for cleaning for a long time?

It can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer.

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