Fresh Air Dehumidifier

Cyclic dehumidification & fresh air dehumidification double-cycle mode
The first in China has applied for a patent; one machine has dehumidification, fresh air purification, room temperature adjustment multiple functions
Inner loop mode In the rainy season, the indoor humidity is high, the unit adopts the “internal circulation dehumidification” mode, the dehumidifier system is activated, the indoor air is condensed and reheated, the indoor humidity is quickly removed, the room is dry and fresh, and the wall is prevented. Mildews such as noodles, furniture, clothing, cotton textiles.
Fresh air comfort mode In non-wet weather, the indoor humidity is not high, the electric reversing bellows moves, the “outer circulation fresh air” mode is activated. After the fresh air conditioning system is put into operation, the outdoor fresh air is purified and temperature adjusted and then sent into the room.. At the same time, the air conditioning system is used to efficiently recover the energy loss of the exhaust air, thereby achieving an energy-saving, healthy and comfortable living environment.
Professional silent DC fan, energy saving more than 40%. The silent DC fan is used for efficient and stable operation and ultra-low noise, which brings a quieter and more comfortable life to the family. Compared with the traditional fan, it can save more than 40% energy under the same conditions, which is economical;
Intelligent learning, remote control, real-time monitoring. The built-in monitoring system, real-time monitoring of indoor air quality, equipped with liquid crystal display, air quality at a glance; automatic monitoring mode, intelligent monitoring and adjustment of air quality; intelligent learning function, APP remote viewing and control;
Snap-on design, disassembly and repair & filter screen is more convenient. Reasonable layout, more compact structure.
I. The dehumidifier of our company is a dehumidifier with fresh air function, which will automatically control whether to send fresh air according to indoor humidity and carbon dioxide concentration and PM2.5 concentration;
II. Second, there are two types of fresh air dehumidifiers:
1. The first type is a two-way flow fresh air dehumidifier. The two-way flow fresh air dehumidifier has an electric reversing bellow (company patent). The machine has multiple functions of dehumidification, fresh air purification, and room temperature adjustment.
2. The second type is a one-way flow fresh air dehumidifier, which is equivalent to adding a new air damper on the basis of the dehumidifier. When the indoor carbon dioxide concentration or PM2.5 concentration exceeds the set value, the fresh air damper opens and goes indoors. Sending fresh air, this time has a new air purification function. When the indoor carbon dioxide concentration and the PM2.5 concentration are simultaneously lower than the set value, the fresh air damper is closed, and this is a conventional dehumidifier.


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