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Our product is based on the addition of an air conditioning heat pump system on the basis of a traditional fresh air ventilator. It overcomes the shortcomings of high energy consumption and large temperature fluctuation of traditional fresh air ventilator, realizes the constant temperature and humidity control of fresh air, and combines a heat pump with air purification, which has the function of controlling indoor carbon dioxide, harmful gases and PM2.5 particulate matter concentration. A new type of fresh air heat pump developed by our company can control the indoor carbon dioxide concentration, PM2.5 and harmful gas concentration to filter fine particulate matter in the air. The effect of filtering 0.5-1um particulate matter is more than 95%, and a fresh air heat pump can be refrigerated, dehumidified or pre-heated.
   This product uses heat pump and air heat recovery technology to efficiently filter the fresh air introduced in the outdoor, then adjust to a comfortable temperature and send it into the indoor to ensure the performance of fresh air heat pump under constant temperature, oxygen, humidity and cleanliness.
   This product has comparative advantages with similar products of peer enterprises: it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving, good purification and filtration performance, low starting frequency and accurate temperature control. The products meet the relevant national standards and European related energy-saving standards; we have obtained 3C and CE certification. This kind of product has achieved standardization and large-scale production, and has a high degree of automation. Compared with similar products, it has the following obvious cost performance advantages:
1. Temperature and humidity adjustment of fresh air delivered to the room;
2. The outdoor fresh air is filtered by triple filtration, and the efficiency of removing PM2.5 particles is as high as 99.97%.
3. Solve the problem of air conditioning adjustment when the outdoor carbon dioxide concentration is larger than the indoor concentration, to avoid indoor air being polluted by outdoor air;
4, the ultra-wide operating range, in the outdoor -15-50 ° C range, providing comfortable fresh air to the room;
5. The dual-energy recovery system of air heat exchanger and air conditioning heat pump system is adopted, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the balanced air exchange system, heat energy recovery, energy-saving and environmental protection, and the energy exchange rate is over 70%, and the outdoor temperature is adjusted to Related to indoor temperature, reducing indoor energy consumption and saving energy. Recycle the energy of exhaust gas to achieve the energy-saving effect.
6. Keep quiet, fall into a deep sleep, new DC brushless machine, super silent (29dB), life up to 100,000 hours, quiet care of your sleep
7. Providing the wireless network interface, the remote mobile phone APP control function is realized, which provides a more convenient and humanized use experience for customers.
The product is a high-end intelligent product initiated in the whole country. It perfectly creates a healthy and comfortable private space from six dimensions: temperature, humidity, cleanliness, oxygen content, harmful gas concentration and indoor wind speed. It meets the requirements of energy-saving, environmental protection and health of the society.




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