Project requirements

1. The amount of fresh air is large: the sports space needs to provide fresh air rich in oxygen;
2, long running time: requires long-term continuous operation to meet the needs of different season temperatures;
3, concentrated supply of hot water: concentrated water shower


1, equipment selection
Fresh air heat pump unit (ZJXRA-700/2) + integral air source heat pump (HLR-60/S) + fan coil end (cooling)
2, the effect of effect
The hot water temperature is stable, and the spare time is used to reserve the bath water;
At the same time, the air conditioning and hot water demand can be solved, and the hot water efficient tank recycling in summer can be realized completely free of charge;
Continuously providing fresh and oxygen-rich air to the athletes while saving energy and efficiency;
One-piece design, easy to install, reduce initial investment;
The combined use of Joyclima Fresh Heat Pump and Triple Supply can save more than 60% energy compared with traditional units.

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