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We are an Air Ventilator Manufacturer to create constant temperature/humidity/oxygen/purification for you and your family a comfortable home environment! Joyclima company is a professional air ventilation supplier!
Fresh air energy recovery ventilation
Fresh air energy recovery ventilation is an expertise ventilation device that has air purification outlet exhaust air, inlet fresh air, etc functions. Meanwhile, it can proceed highly efficient heat recovery through its integrated heat exchange box.adopt brand new EC fan motor, high steadiness, low noise,energy-saving up to 40%.
New generation energy exchange box
use polymer rubber& plastic cotton for inside sealing and outside denoise
triple purifying, high-level filter screen above 99% purifying rate at one time for PM2.5 monoblock ultra-thin design, ceiling type installation small space occupation, no effect to the room decoration.
Air ventilation & high efficient purification
Each device is equipped with two EC fan motors, which can inhale the out fresh air into indoor space through a filter screen, remove dust, HCHO, PM2.5, etc harmful materials, above 99% efficiency to keep your indoor space clean.
Highly efficient energy recovery
Using the third generation heat exchange box, which produces by a complex combined high-performance ABS with nanometre film that rises the energy exchange rates, facing air velocity, zero leakage figure to a high level.
EC fan motor
EC fan motor has integrated advanced copper and imported bearing heating protecting function, form a strong airflow instantly with higher performance of air exchange, ultra-high wind pressure, longer transported distance, no vibration balance 0.1q. for lower noise.
Ultra-low noise
Adopt brand new EC fan motor and inner air route design inside construct more scientific; polymer rubber& plastic cotton for inside sealing, outside denoise, good ventilation great performance, resulting in more brilliant mute capacity.
Convenient installation and maintenance
Celling type installation, don't occupy the limited space, support inverted installation, apply for villa, office, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, gym, etc.


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