How Does a Fresh Air Heat Pump Cool My Home?

Heat Pump System


When you hear the name fresh air heat pump, do you consider something just equipped for heating your home? A heat pump is a sort of HVAC framework that uses a heat trade cycle to both heat and cool your home. The name may take some becoming acclimated to, yet you'll heat up to a heat pump's cooling capacities immediately.


Your Home's Temperature Changes Thanks to Heat Exchange


A fresh air heat pump utilizes evaporator and condenser curls. The loops are associated between the indoor and the open air units, and they have refrigerant that moves through them. The refrigerant is cold when it's in the indoor curls. As air gets maneuvered into your framework and ignores those loops, the air chills off and the refrigerant heats up. The heat pump at that point drives the cool air into your home's pipe framework, cooling your home.


The refrigerant, presently warm, goes to the condenser curls, where the blower makes it cool again prior to returning it to the indoor loops.


The Heat Exchange Process Reverses


The fresh air heat pump attempts to cool your home by utilizing the inside curls as evaporator loops in summer. In winter, the heat pump really works the alternate way. The outside loop turns into the evaporator curl, with the cool refrigerant. The indoor curl turns into the condenser loop, which is the curl that manages the warm refrigerant.


The refrigerant is colder than the outside air. In spite of the air outside being cold, the refrigerant can in any case retain heat from it and warm up. At that point, that warm refrigerant goes inside where your HVAC framework disregards air it. The air gets that heat and gets blown all through your home, heating your inside.


As should be obvious, a fresh air heat pump is a glorious sort of HVAC framework since it will both heat and cool. Heat pumps are best in areas with gentle winters, and they handle winters well. Call us for more data.



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