Introduction of Joyclima Fresh Air Heat Pump Product Advantages

Product description: The fresh air heat pump is an air-conditioned heat pump system added on the basis of the traditional fresh air exchanger. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional fresh air exchanger, such as high energy consumption and large temperature fluctuation, and realizes the constant temperature and humidity control of fresh air, as well as the control function of the indoor concentration of CARBON dioxide, harmful gases and PM2.5 particles, and develops the combined technology of heat pump and air purification. The fresh air heat pump developed by the company can filter fine particles in the air and filter 0.5-1um particles with an effect of more than 99% and can perform refrigeration, dehumidification or pre-heating treatment on fresh air.

Principle Introduction: Fresh air heat pump is the cooling and heating of outdoor fresh air. Includes heat recovered from plate type air heat exchanger and heat from heat pump system. After fresh air enters the fresh air heat pump, it must first pass through the plate type air heat exchanger, outdoor fresh air and indoor return air conduct heat exchange to recover the indoor heat. At this time, the greater the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the greater the heat recovery. Therefore, the lower the outdoor temperature during heating, the higher the heat produced by the fresh air heat pump and the higher the COP. The feature of this product is to incorporate our core technology in the process of purifying fresh air to achieve a very energy-saving effect. The heat recovery efficiency is up to 99%. And equipped with advanced intelligent control system, can real-time monitoring air quality index: temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, PM2.5, formaldehyde.

The competitive advantages of this product are as follows: high efficiency and energy saving, good purification and filtration performance, low starting frequency and accurate temperature control. The product meets the requirements of relevant national standards and European energy-saving standards. We have obtained 3C and CE certification. This kind of product has achieved standardization and large-scale production, with a high degree of automation. Compared with similar products, it has the following obvious cost-performance advantages:

Fresh air comfort: adjust the temperature and humidity of the fresh air delivered to the room; The outdoor fresh air is filtered by triple filters, and the efficiency of removing PM2.5 particles is as high as 99.97%.Solve the problem of ventilation adjustment when the concentration of carbon dioxide is higher than that of indoor air, and avoid indoor air being polluted by outdoor air; Compared with the traditional air conditioner which only regulates the temperature of indoor air, the fresh air heat pump can provide more comfortable fresh air with constant temperature, constant oxygen, constant humidity and constant cleanliness to the living environment.

Ultra wide operating range: provide comfortable fresh air to indoor in the outdoor range of -15-50°C;


Super energy saving and environmental protection: JOIN's original heat exchange + heat pump system, double stage heat recovery design, reverse rise energy efficiency ratio. The recovery efficiency of exhaust energy is close to 100%, the fresh air load is completely handled by the unit independently, and part of the excess cooling capacity is provided for the ventilation space, thus killing two birds with one stone.


Intelligent automatic control is more energy-saving and convenient: compared with the traditional air conditioner, which only adjusts the temperature of indoor air automatically, the electronic control system of fresh air heat pump carries out intelligent control on several control points of indoor and outdoor air intake, return air and exhaust air, and makes real-time adjustment according to individual needs. In addition, it connects with the graffiti platform for smart control of APP mobile phone customized for global customers, and displays real-time data of PM2.5, formaldehyde concentration, CO2 concentration, as well as temperature and humidity.


High configuration and super performance:
EC DC motor, stepless speed regulation, super quiet
Special filter screen for PM2.5 with low resistance and high filtration efficiency
Food grade material air duct, to ensure fresh air will not be secondary pollution
Metal material heat exchanger, environmental protection, anti-corrosion, long service life, extrusion resistance

Comparison with peer products:
a. Comparison with traditional air conditioning
Principle of cabinet of treatment of fresh air conditioning is filter fresh air directly again after passing heat exchanger precooling (or preheating) be sent into the room, in order to achieve the purpose of comfortable air supply, but the exhaust is to rely on positive pressure to have no organization to discharge to the outside, the energy of exhaust is wasted for nothing, did not try to recycle to use, caused very big waste. The actual measurement of this loss will be 30%~40% higher than that of mega fresh air heat pump unit.

b. Comparison with traditional all-heat exchanger
All heat exchangers for exhaust energy recovery, but at present domestic actual measurement of total heat exchanger efficiency usually just between 50% ~ 65%, compared to this mega crystal fresh air heat pump units, has a big disadvantage: 1, in the case of extreme weather, fresh air handling capacity is insufficient, it is difficult to in the outlet to the human body comfortable working condition; 2. The energy recovery efficiency of exhaust gas is 35%~65% lower than that of our products.




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