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Qian’s business philosophy is “Do not sell overnight meat”, focusing on fresh lifestyles and insisting on providing customers with “quality, fresh and healthy” quality ingredients. Resolutely defend health and enjoy a fresh life. The concept of JOIN Technology is to provide our customers with new and comfortable living environment equipments of “comfort,” “health” and “environmental protection”. Therefore, the two concepts are echoed.
According to the field investigation, JOIN Technology found that the number of office buildings is large, which makes the air flow unsmooth, and Qian’s company is located in the south, which is relatively humid weather. Therefore, the plan given by JOIN Technology is to clean the office area. The fresh air exchanger can clean the air while saving energy. Qian Aunt's warehouse is a sealed space. There are a large number of staff in the warehouse. It is necessary to ensure a large amount of fresh air in the warehouse. Every day, a large amount of fresh ingredients require refrigeration equipment to freeze the ingredients. Each area needs independent control. And operation, so JOIN Technology's solution is to install digital vortex variable flow condensing unit (top air) and digital vortex variable flow condensing unit (side air), which can provide fast circulating wind and provide fresh air.
Qian Aunt installed the corresponding equipment through the scheme given by JOIN, and the feedback given was very good. After the installation of the fresh air heat exchanger in the office, the indoor humid air was discharged to the outside, and the odor was removed to prevent mold. And breeding bacteria to remove harmful gases to keep indoor air fresh, comfortable, energy efficient, and the warehouse is equipped with digital vortex variable flow condensing unit to provide continuous circulation of wind in each area without interruption, providing fresh air, and the air supply temperature can reach 18 °C, in line with customer requirements.



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