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Project requirements

1. Health: Fresh and clean air with high oxygen content can make people refreshed, improve work efficiency and maintain work enthusiasm;
2, comfort: uniform airflow, small fluctuations in temperature and humidity, low noise, enjoy a comfortable environment;
3, economy: products should be environmentally friendly, energy efficient, low operating costs, avoiding additional waste for users;
4, centralized control: whether independent or multiple rooms to achieve centralized control, easy to operate, safer and more reliable;


1, equipment selection
Fresh air heat pump unit (ZJXRA-150/3) + air source heat pump (/) + fan coil end (for cold / warm)
2, the effect of effect
A variety of models (split or whole, high efficiency tank, low temperature or room temperature) for you to choose, to meet the needs of different occasions;
Perfect water system design, the office is no longer dry, healthier and more comfortable;
The air source heat pump has a unique design, compact structure, short construction period and convenient installation, which greatly reduces initial investment;
The fresh air heat pump unit effectively filters particulate matter such as PM2.5, and after secondary energy recovery, 100% absorbs all energy, achieving economical energy saving and benefits;
The triple supply is equipped with hot water throughout the year, and is cooled or heated according to seasonal demand.
Low temperature unit is used in severe cold area, high energy efficiency is maintained at -25 °C, and high temperature hot water of 60 °C can be produced.
The combined use of Joyclima Fresh air Heat Pump and Triple Supply can save more than 60% energy compared with traditional units.

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