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Air purifiers are a multi-billion dollar industry. Both national and international air purifier manufacturers are highly successful in the marketplace, which is predicted to grow substantially over the next five years, reaching nearly half a trillion dollars by 2021. Joyclima  filters are currently the most popular type of air purifier filters, accounting for more than three-quarters of all the air purifier market. In order to understand why an air purifier owner should choose a particular air purifier manufacturer, it is first necessary to understand how the air purifier industry works.


Air purifiers work by trapping microorganisms and other toxins in their filters. They pass air through an ionizer where the air pollutants are trapped by negatively-charged ions or molecules. As the air passes through the ionizer, it passes through a pre-filter consisting of a bed of pre-filters, typically made from stainless steel, that trap various chemicals, fungi and bacteria. By passing the air several times through this pre-filter, the air is cleansed of these pollutants. The air then passes through a carbon or charcoal filter to remove any remaining particles. The final step is an ionizer that completes the cleaning process and purification.


One type of air purifier that has become quite popular is an ionizer/placer. These units include two tanks separated by a transparent cover that houses a charged coil. When an electrical current is passed through the coil, negative ions are produced and flow through the plastic barrier to form the positively charged ions of mercury, cadmium, copper, sulphur compounds and iron. UV lights located on the placer attract the negative ions and send them into the air purifier where they bind to any pollutants floating in the air. As more pollutants are drawn into the placer, the air purifier works better and removes larger particles.


Another air purifier that is used in industrial facilities is a high-efficiency air purifier that uses multiple filters, one for each major category of air contaminants. A  Joyclima filter is a filter designed to remove particulates in the air using a fine mesh. A multi-media filter can be used to remove bacteria, fungi, dust mites and odors. High-efficiency air purifiers also incorporate a filter designed to remove gases, vapors, dust and particulates from the air.


Many people are not aware that they can purchase an air purifier that filters not only the air but the smoke particles as well. This is made possible by the use of what is called an electrostatic air purifier. These air purifiers are actually an electrical device and have a coil on the outer case that attracts smoke particles. The inner part of the coil then attracts air dust particles, organic compounds and odors.


A particularly popular type of air purifier that is used in offices and other workplaces is a particulate air purifier. It works by forcing air through a fine mesh screen. The screen will catch all sorts of different airborne particles such as dander, mold spores, pollen, dust mites, bacteria and even microscopic germs. An air purifier that is used to clean indoor air quality requires continuous maintenance. There are several different types including an electrostatic type, a fine-threading type and a carbon monoxide sensor.


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